An artist is a creative person who engages in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating art.


At the young age of 9 an artist began his journey to express his perspective of the world through art and urban fashion. Founder and creative director of Original Kurrencii apparel brand, Xanious Ross, became devoted to art one night after learning how to draw an owl at the kitchen table from an older relative. That is when he discovered himself as an artist, maybe it wasn’t seen that way at first, but this was his defining moment. This was that split second that opened his mind to illustrating his own promising future. Growing up in a single parent household, in a low income community, with two younger siblings the oldest comes with territory and exception of creating better for your family. Like many, life was not easy for Xanious, with many odds against him within high school and the urban area of South Norwalk, Connecticut, he pushed himself to stay on a narrow path of creativity and motivation; a path that in time gave birth to Original Kurrencii.

In 2004, Xanious began designing street style clothing like airbrushed T-shirts and handprinted sneakers for friends and family, eventually creating the opportunity to showcase his work. He began working with "Most Wanted”, a street fashion boutique once in downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut. Xanious began thinking outside of his neighborhood; his dreams of becoming a brand began in 2006 with the creation of his fun mascot King “Fresh”. Fresh has been spotted around colleges in the Tri-State area, to local bus stops, and barber shops. He has been created on shirts, hats, and the infamous Fresh stickers all around the communities today. It hasn't always been hard work and designs without some academic or community acknowledgements. Xanious achieved awards throughout school and the community including the NAACP Outstanding Student Award, Wilkerson Scholars of Honor Award, and the Leonhardt Scholars all awarded in 2006. He maintained a 3.8 grade point average throughout his time at alternative high school Richard C. Briggs and was always willing to learn more. This was a big year for the Kurrencii movement, and an even bigger year for Xanious himself.

Not inspired by just one particular artist, he sees fashion as an expressive industry; a way to lay out his personal story through art, and designs. “Everyone is born with a talent of some sort, it’s how you sculpt your talent to separate it from the others, to define yourself.”  Xanious has been sculpting his talent and business by spreading the brand Original Kurrencii throughout the world, creating a positive buzz. When asked about who his most influential designer is Xanious responded by stating, "I'm more inspired by entrepreneurial success rather than just direct fashion success." Looking up to great entrepreneurs such as moguls  Kanye West and Sean "Diddy" Combs, creator of Sean John Clothing is a way of seeing the peak of success Xanious is trying to reach. Sean John started with just T-shirts and Hats. Similar to Sean Combs you have to start with some type of accomplishments to begin your journey. Xanious is an aspiring young man who actually sees the sky as a limit and pushes to exceed past the sky, he aims for the moon. His future plans include collaborating with alike brands to design limited edition products, and artwork. The fashion industry is one of the most competitive and hardest industries to break into. Being driven, and following your heart is what will make you a success in this dream breaking industry. Raw talent is hard to come by nowadays, everything is commercialized. He is a grounded artist who will soon become a household name, and a role model for many young designers and entrepreneurs. From a night of  drawing with family to a future in creating, Xanious Ross is an underground, designer who the industry should follow for unique exclusive urban creations. Original Kurrencii stands confident in their slogan by saying, "Making Kurrencii isn't an addiction its’ a lifestyle." & "Whether your appearance is influenced by the hot new trends or all the classics, Our glamour, fit, and comfort are sure to be the fRESHEST!". This is just the beginning chapter for Xanious Jahki and Kurrencii.


Original Kurrencii™ urban lifestyle brand since 2010.

This unique brand dares to be different by not following the traditional trends. Honoring brand loyalty, customers are referred to as Kings and Queens. Unconsciously empowering today’s youth and young adults to carry themselves as such – with high self-respect and pride in who they are and the goals they set to accomplish

Original Kurrencii officially launched its retail website in 2012; which carries the latest collections of authentic designer apparel and accessories. 

The company is focused on continuous growth in the industry, by creating its own lifestyle ID based on an original mix of regal style and urban attitude.